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Digital Art

Generative art with p5.js

Exhibition: Between Systems: In Practice

  • NFT on Foundation

  • Aero Forms, Blush to Dark

    Aero Forms, Blush to Dark

    Aero Flows Lite

    Aero Flows Lite, 2024

    Artivive AR Animations


    Aero Forms Tan

    Aero Forms on Tan, 2024

    Aero Forms, Blush to Dark

    Aero Forms, Blush, 2024

    Aero Flows Lite

    Aero Forms, Blue, 2024

    Exploring digital drawing and augmented reality experiences in animated graphics and illustration.

    Videos of AR Animations and NFTs

    Prints and designer products on Society6

    NFTs Digital Strata Paintings

    Exhibited at Probably Nothing, instinc, 29 Apr - 1 May 22

    View more on Artefact AR Discovery Trail

    Let's Share in our Lives, Catholic Convention
    AR Digital Drawing and Video for ARTIVIVE Augmented Reality Animations.

    Care for Creation
    Care for Creation
    Universal Church
    Universal Church

    Sketches and LIneart

    Digital Paintings

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    Abstract Map Blue
    Digital Art Sketches

    Line art Nature Leaf
    Lineart Drawings

    Merry Christmas White

    Digital Painting Centred
    Digital Painting

    Curves and Edges Digital Painting
    Art Digital Ether Series