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Digital Strata NFTs

A collection of geographical strata digital paintings. Drawing from nature and a buildup of layers of colour and texture the digital artwork forms an elemental movement of waves and water through time and space. Read more

Blue Waves (Pixelized) Digital Strata NFT

Blue Strata Digital Strata NFT

Drawn in Procreate with animation using Adobe Photoshop and Processing for pixels and lines

Beige Strata Digital Strata

Fire Strata Digital Strata NFT

Augmented Reality Animations

Video Archive

A washed up piece of driftwood painted with blue flowing strokes take on a weathered feel. Eroded by waves made still. Recycled base created using papier mache the form reveals an augmented reality video.

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Driftwood Blue Video (Papier Mache + AR Artivive)

Reflecting on the issue of microplastics that contaminate the ocean and are a toxic concern to both marine life and eventually ourselves. Using flocking fish to float and swirl around the object as a message.

Driftwood Yellow Video (Papier Mache + AR Artivive)

Depicting a rough piece of wood the warped form is painted with yellow hues. AR highlighting the issues of deforestation and protecting tigers and their homes.

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Audio from Mixkit

A wild white whirl of clouds drift around the world. How we live in a circular eco system and that our actions impact our environment and eventually what goes around comes around.

WWW World (Papier Mache + AR Artivive)

WWW World in Gallery

Papier Mache Object in Gallery. Part of the Wild Fragments exhibition

AR recording of WWW World

Green scroll is a message for greener pathways. Using leftover bamboo paper strips as a base layer under liquid streams and foliage marks. A connection to nature for humans and wildlife trails to co-exist and roam freely.

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Green Scroll (Papier Mache + AR Artivive)

AR recording ofGreen Scroll