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Ice Trails

Nes Alumni Exhibition
June - July 2018

Group show in Skagastrond during the 10 year birthday celebrations of NES Artist Residency in June 2018 and again 13-15 July during 'Listasumar' (Summer Arts Festival) at Deiglan in Akureyri, Iceland.

NES is the Icelandic residency I attended in June 2010, > see here

Ice Trails

Ice Trails imagines an abstract terrain of colours and unique forms explored while in Iceland.
A tactile mixed media piece of drawing, geo patterns, acrylic trails and ink stains.

A small work contributed to the Nes Alumni 10 Year Exhibition 2018.
It is a continuation of a series of works done on paper mache canvases. They reflect the terrain and colours of Iceland in an abstract form. Having spent one month at an artist residency in Iceland (NES in 2010) in a quiet rural town by the sea, I had the opportunity to really absorb the nature. Taking hikes and trips to nearby countryside where the landscape is still forming was awe-inspiring. The base is recycled from used paper and found materials glued, pressed and primed for painting with acrylics and charcoal. Forming the surface gave me the chance to create the rough edges reminiscent of the maps where you can see the outlines of fjords forged by glaciers. The tactile surface of the painting depicts the exposure to the elements and unique features such as the moss, rocks, volcanic craters and ash.


Skagastrond Residency Space
Photos courtesy of NES

Akureyri Deiglan Gallery
Photos courtesy of NES

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