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Carnet de Couleurs

Colour's Books

A collection of handmade Artist's Books – like tickets to imaginary journeys in colour. Stitch bound and folded pages created using water based paint with abstract marks, hues and drawn lines. Playing with flow, movement and topographical contours. Turn the pages and discover hidden overlaps unveiled to expand the composition beyond the margins.

Blue Meander

Blue Meander

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Pink Ramble
Pink Ramble

Yellow Departure
Yellow Departure

These books were showcased with instinc at the

Singapore Art Book Fair 2018

Instinc -

Check out the The Singapore Art Book Fair (SGABF) with instinc

Fri-Sun : 29.6 — 1.7.18
12PM — 8PM

NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore
The Exhibition Hall
Block 43 Malan Road
Gillman Barracks
Singapore 109443

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