an art & craft studio project by valerie ng

Caché Mâché

A small format exhibition of hidden paper objects, artists’ books and mixed media artworks.

Discover objects frozen in time, snugly wrapped or hidden just below the surface. Captured, preserved, and embedded in papier mâché casts.

Allow a fragment of nature displaced to reveal itself in the collages or slowly exposed thru photos and drawings while uncovering secret worlds contained within familiar forms. Imagine a different perspective within the artist's books, to see things hidden in plain sight or realize something unseen.

Take a moment to drop by SUPERMAMA a quiet hiding place in the bustle of the city and spend some time exploring this little exhibition unfolding in March.

Exhibition Dates: 2nd -14th March 2013
Location: Supermama. 30A Seah Street, Singapore 188386

Artist's Books

A series of artist's books inspired by forms, textures and moments in nature

Wood Book 01 Wood Book 01

Wood Book, Acrylic on paper

Forming Space 1

Forming Space, Cut-outs Accordian Book

Atlas 1

Atlas, Papier mâché

Moments - Sketch Brown

Moments - Sketchbook [to be updated]

Papier-mâché Objects

Quiet Bark Series

Quiet Bark

Quiet Bark Quiet Bark Quiet Bark Quiet Bark

Acrylic on Papier Mâché, ~11x16cm

Cache Mache Cache Mache

Hidden Järvi, Starry Nights, Papier-mâché

Frozen Growth

Frozen Growth, Papier Mâché

White Food Tray

White Food Tray, Papier Mâché

Snow Bark Bowl

Snow Bark Bowl, Papier Mâché


Marks Unseen

Marks Unseen. A collection of digital photo collages and marks inspired by the natural environment
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Hidden Surfaces

Hidden Surfaces. Freeze Frames and Quiet Barks, Accordian Photo Book
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In the Space


cm exhib cm exhib cm exhib cm exhib cm exhib

View of the studio.

supermama studio supermama studio