Tokyo Book Art Week 2011
16 - 29 August 2011
Tokyo, Japan.

Organised by
La Libreria, Singapore

Forming Space | 40x10x2 cm | Artist Book | Valerie Ng, 2011
Materials: White Canvas Paper, Handmade Coloured Paper & Glue.

art folio : Valerie Ng

Forming Space
The idea for this book came from the shapes found on the bark of eucalyptus trees. Itís interesting how over time the layers peel off to reveal different patterns on the bark. This concertina book has layers of cut-outs within, which create an intricate space. So while each page is flat together they form a different dimension that can be explored with each turn. The pages are white canvas paper as I wanted to concentrate on the pure form. However at the very end the colour reminds us of the earth and growth.




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