Into The Fold
4th Annual Artist Book Exhibition.

159 Gertrude Street
Fitzroy 3065
Melbourne, Australia

The theme this year is "Into The Fold" and will feature the work of 30 book artists from around Australia and beyond.

The exhibition will run from the 2nd until the 30th of August 2008.

Into The Fold Flyer

art folio : Valerie Ng

III_Treefold was created based on the exhibition theme of Into the Fold and a sculptural objective. I was thinking of how the paper can be folded into itself to stand up and came up with this simple fan like structure that forms into a tree. The content is based on a play of the words three/tree-fold and how a tree has many qualities and provides many functions or serves different needs. To display fold each page over and tuck/slot into the bound side which will be the base to stand up. Use a paper clip to hold together on top off base and stand up.

Treefold, VNG 2008
H_1.5cm W_4.5cm D_23.5cm
Handmade Paper (Cotton with Jute), Jute string

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