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Wall Hanging Snippets

Small Abstract Paintings

2022 - 2023

Small Paintings from canvas snippets leftover from larger pieces. Fragments of marks inspired by nature with the movement and flow of flora, water and wind elements. Painted, sewn or stitched into a wall hanging. Reusing canvas with linen sides exposed for a rustic handmade feel.

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Fronds 1 Oil on Canvas
Fronds 1, 2022 | 32 x 48 cm | Oil on Canvas Wall Hanging

Fronds Pattern Fronds Side View
Fronds 1 Details

Green Shrub Oil Painting
Green Shrub, 2022 | 20 x 40 cm | Oil on Canvas Wall Hanging

Green Shrub Pattern Green Shrub Detail Oil Paint Green Shrub Detail Texture
Green Shrub Details

Wave Curve Oil on Canvas
Wave Curve, 2022 | 27 x 28 cm | Oil on Canvas Wall Hanging

Wave Curve Pattern Wave Curve Side Detail Wave Curve Detail Oil Paint Wave Curve Detail Texture
Wave Curve Details