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Can I say something

Cibiana di Cadore

Group Exhibition
14 July - 15 Sept 2019
Taula dei Bos
(BL) Italy
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The Cultural Association BIENNALE ARTE DOLOMITI with the artistic direction of Paivi Tirkkonen and the curatorship of Dr. Roberta Alberti, wishes to bring to your attention the exhibition project "Can I say something?".

"Can I say something?" is inspired from recent events that have dramatically hit our lands. The flood in the area of Belluno has inflicted unimaginable wrecking, such that the inhabitants of this area will not be able to see it restored to its original form. In front of such damage, human kind can’t refrain from questioning the reasons of such happenings, and is constantly looking for answers.

Earth Fragments
Earth Fragments, 2019 | 3*20x30 cm | ~ 80 x 40 cm | Mixed Media / Acrylic on Papier Mache

Earth Fragments depicts painted pieces of the earth split into fragments yet coming together to have a conversation about the landscape. They imagine an abstract terrain of stone, trees, water, sky and ground colours flowing in jagged forms.

A tactile mixed media piece of collage, textured paint trails and torn edges made up of pieces of paper - layered, pasted and shaped. The reuse of paper materials into something fresh also reflects on how the sometime destructive forces of nature can hopefully be followed by regeneration and growth.

The reflections on events of such gravity lead us to talk about nature which, in its all-encompassing meaning, will be the central theme of this manifestation. Its purpose is, in fact, to exhort all of us not to resign to what seems to be an unstoppable environmental and civil decline.


The exhibition includes the participation of 10 Italian artists and 10 international artists from 10 different nations who will engage in representing the contemporary art of their country in line with the theme of the project.

Cibiana Dolomiti

Can I say something

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