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Organic Gouaches 2017

Gouache on Paper Series
Small works on paper inspired by nature and tree bark. Painted with gouache with some drawn elements.

Observing the subtle macro elements of nature its' flowing forms, earthy colours and organic marks.

wood, earthy, organic, fungi, moss, bark, brown, lines, flow, bark, brown, blue, yellow, umber, abstract, nature, water, roots


Bark Sprout

Line Bark

Line Bark, 2017 | Gouache on Paper | 25x25 cm




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organic watercolour series

Trickle Bark

Trickle Bark, 2017 | Gouache on Paper | 25x25 cm

Root Diffuse

Root Diffuse, 2017 | Gouache and Pencil on Paper | 25x25 cm
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